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Kroger, one of the largest retail and grocery store chains in the United States, has a variety of career opportunities available in a variety of categories. If you’re thinking about working with Kroger, you should be aware of the pay and benefits packages they provide. In this detailed overview, we’ll go over how much Kroger pays its employees, from entry-level positions to managerial positions.

So, let’s go into the wage data you’ll need to make informed decisions.

Kroger Salaries on Average

Kroger has a wide selection of job opportunities, each with its own salary range. To gain a better understanding, let’s look at the typical pay for several popular Kroger roles based on data from various sources:

Average Salaries at Kroger
Popular Roles
Shadow Boxes

Assistant Store Manager

$62,698 per year

611 salaries reported

Pharmacy Manager

$66.58 per hour

17 salaries reported


$61.91 per hour

60 salaries reported

Shadow Boxes

Retail Sales Associate

$12.57 per hour

138 salaries reported

Store Manager

$14.09 per hour

3 salaries reported


$12.49 per hour

315 salaries reported

Food Preparation & Service
Shadow Boxes

Deli Associate

$14.14 per hour

353 salaries reported

Produce Clerk

$12.74 per hour

125 salaries reported

Bakery Clerk

$13.48 per hour

133 salaries reported

Please keep in mind that these are only estimates and may vary depending on factors
such as experience, location, and further qualifications.

Kroger’s Highest-Paying Positions

Kroger has various high-paying positions with competitive compensation packages.
Let’s take a deeper look at some of Kroger’s highest-paying positions:


Kroger co-managers make an average yearly salary of $74,574. This position includes supervising retail operations, managing employees, and guaranteeing customer happiness.

Store Manager

Store managers are critical to the success of Kroger locations. They earn approximately $44,884 per year on average. Store managers are in charge of the overall performance of the store, as well as financial management and team leadership.

Order Selector

Kroger order selectors make an annual compensation of $39,366. They are critical in controlling inventory levels, choosing and packing products precisely, and guaranteeing efficient delivery.


Baggers at Kroger are also compensated well. While exact amounts vary, baggers often earn a good living as part of their duty to assist consumers with grocery bagging.

It’s worth noting that these are only a few of the highest-paying occupations at Kroger. Depending on the responsibilities and experience required for each post, the organisation provides a variety of other roles with competitive remuneration packages.

Salary Variation Across Roles

Kroger, like many other businesses, has compensation disparities between job roles. While some occupations pay more than others, some may pay less. Let’s look at some examples of roles with variable pay at Kroger:


Kroger Stowers make an average of $27,992 per year. These professionals are in charge of arranging and stocking inventory, ensuring that things are easily accessible to customers.

Deli Associate

In comparison to other positions, deli associates may have lower average earnings. The specific amounts may vary, but they normally earn a good living in their position.

When comparing Kroger compensation ranges, it’s critical to evaluate the responsibilities, skills, and experience necessary for each position.

Factors Affecting Salaries at Kroger

Location, department, and the competitiveness of the job market are just a few factors that can affect salaries at Kroger. Let’s take a closer look at these elements:


Kroger salaries can vary based on the cost of living and competition in different states. For example, in Washington, where the cost of living is relatively higher, Kroger tends to offer higher salaries.

Kroger Job Listings
Kroger Job Listings
Spring 2024 Project Engineer, Intern/Co-op
Kroger – Alpharetta, GA
9 days ago
Summer 2024 Enterprise Sourcing Intern
Kroger – Cincinnati, OH
8 days ago
Online Grocery Pick-Up Clerk
Kroger Stores – Houston, TX
30+ days ago
Online Grocery Pick-Up Clerk
Kroger Stores – Ohio
30+ days ago
Online Grocery Pick-Up Clerk
Kroger Stores – Nashville, TN
30+ days ago
Online Grocery Pick-Up Clerk
Kroger Stores – Dublin, GA
30+ days ago

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Salaries at Kroger also vary by department. The healthcare industry pays more, with an average annual salary of $38,875. Employees in the customer service section are likewise paid relatively well, with an annual salary of $33,096 on average. Departments such as warehouse and sales, on the other hand, may have lower average incomes of $30,319 and $30,683, respectively.

Market Competition

Competition in the job market can have an impact on Kroger salaries. Kroger may offer more competitive pay in places where particular roles are in great demand in order to attract and retain skilled workers.

Kroger Competitors’ Average Salaries

To provide a broader perspective, let’s compare Kroger’s average salaries to those of some of its competitors:

  • Vudu: $67,887 per year
  • Rite Aid: $37,918 per year
  • Big Lots: $33,427 per year

Please note that these figures are average salaries and may vary based on experience, location, and other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kroger Salaries
Kroger FAQs
Is the pay good at Kroger?
While the average annual salary at Kroger is $31,390, which is slightly lower than the industry average of $33,541 per year, it’s important to consider the overall compensation package, which may include benefits, bonuses, and growth opportunities.
What is the starting pay at Kroger?
The starting pay at Kroger typically ranges around $23,000 per year or $11.06 per hour, but this can vary depending on the position and location.
How does Kroger’s pay compare to Whole Foods Market?
On average, Kroger pays $31,390 per year compared to Whole Foods Market, which pays $32,699 per year. However, it’s worth noting that these figures may vary based on specific roles and locations.
How much does Kroger pay an hour?
Kroger pays an average hourly rate of $15.09.
How much does Kroger pay 15-year-olds?
Kroger typically does not employ 15-year-olds. The minimum age requirement for employment at Kroger is generally 16 years old. However, in certain states where work permits are available for 15-year-olds, Kroger may consider hiring them but at the same rate as any other employee in the same position.
How much does Kroger pay 16-year-olds?
Kroger typically pays 16-year-olds around $12.42 per hour. However, available positions for 16-year-olds may be limited to roles such as courtesy clerks, baggers, cart retrievers, and cashiers. It’s important to note that pay rates may vary by location.
How much does Kroger pay a week?
A full-time employee working 40 hours per week at Kroger can expect to earn around $496.80 per week, based on an average hourly rate of $12.42. Part-time employees working 25 hours per week would earn approximately $310 per week.
What is the salary for the CEO of Kroger?
In 2021, the salary for Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen was $18 million. However, it’s important to note that executive compensation packages often include various forms of remuneration beyond base salary, such as bonuses and stock options.


Understanding the salary details at Kroger is essential for individuals considering employment with the company. While salaries can vary based on factors such as job role, location, and department, Kroger strives to offer competitive compensation packages to attract and retain talented employees. By exploring the average salaries for various positions and considering market factors, you can make informed decisions about your career at Kroger.

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