The Ultimate guide kroger online Ordering and pickup

With Kroger Pickup (previously ClickList), you can order groceries from the Kroger Weekly Ad online, use your Kroger coupons, schedule a pickup time, and pick them up at the store—all without getting out of your car!

It’s a fantastic service that Kroger offers! I’m addicted already!

kroger online shopping and pickup

It’s quite simple! Simply click THIS to create an account, log in, or utilize the Kroger App on After that, just look through the products you wish to buy and put them in your cart. In the ordering process, you will be prompted to choose a pickup place and time.

Pull up to the Online Ordering drive-through at the designated time; you’ll be guided by signs. Your groceries will be loaded into your car by a helpful Associate. And you’re off!

My top ten preferences for utilizing Kroger Pickup are as follows:

I can put things in my cart as I go and take my time planning my weekly menu. Being so well-organized makes me happy because I’m a really “Type A” person.

For easier, faster shopping, Kroger remembers the things I buy most frequently and puts those items up front. For those products you buy often, you can even make a list of “favorites” and just click to get started!

For your first three orders, the $4.95 (regardless of region) service charge is waived! I assure you that if you avoid going to the store and giving in to your impulsive buys, you will save at least this amount!

Fuel points are awarded for both in-store and Kroger Pickup orders.

You will be prompted to choose a one-hour window, seven days a week, between 8 am and 9 pm, to pick up your food when you place an order. A timeslot can be reserved up to three days in advance! To avoid the crowd, I attempt to arrive in the MIDDLE of the one-hour timeframe.

I always provide particular directions, such as how ripe I want my avocados and bananas, how light I want my bag of cherries, how thin I want my deli meat sliced (please, chipped!), and that, if it’s available, I want the SKINNY asparagus. AND that I only want eggs from HAPPY chicken (pasture grown) if they have to replace mine.

Until I pick them up, my belongings are kept in optimal freshness, with refrigeration applied as necessary.

Before I pick up my purchase, Kroger now texts me so I can review any necessary substitutions!

My loaded Kroger Digital Coupons will be applied automatically to my order when I pick it up. When I call to let them know I’m there, I always let them know whether I have paper coupons (if they don’t already ask).

I simply give the number displayed on the sign a call to let them know I’ve arrived at my store. In a matter of minutes, an Associate loads all of my items into my car and delivers my order!

kroger online shopping and pickup

A couple more things to keep in mind.

Click Add to Cart anf Adjust Quantites

When you order online, the amount you see at checkout is just an estimate. Your card will be charged the final amount when you get your order. The price you see when ordering might change due to discounts, substitutions, taxes, and weighted items.

The online prices match the in-store prices on the day you order. But, prices may change between ordering and picking up your items. For instance, if you order on Tuesday but pick up on Wednesday, some items might go on or off sale.

Your digital coupons won’t apply until you actually pick up your order.

There’s no Catalina machine for this department. If you expect a Catalina coupon, use the regular in-store registers.

Remember, you can also include your Kroger Free Friday Download in your online order.

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