What to Know About Starbucks Inside Kroger Stores

Starbucks, the world-renowned coffeehouse chain, has found a home within Kroger stores across the United States. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all you need to know about Starbucks inside Kroger stores, including whether you can use your Starbucks stars at Kroger, the compatibility of the Starbucks app, the acceptance of Kroger gift cards, and exciting details about the collaboration.

Let’s dive into this unique coffee experience within the familiar aisles of Kroger.

1. Can You Use Starbucks Stars at Kroger?

Starbucks loyalists’ most common question is whether their hard-earned Starbucks stars can be used at Starbucks locations within Kroger stores. The answer varies based on the specific Starbucks store. Starbucks within Kroger stores often operates as a licensed store, which can affect the redemption of Starbucks stars. To know for sure, it’s best to inquire with the baristas on-site.

2. Can I Use the Starbucks App in Kroger?

The convenience of the Starbucks app is beloved by many. The good news is that the Starbucks app is generally accepted at Starbucks locations within Kroger stores. This means you can order and pay for your favorite coffee or snack through the app, allowing for a smooth and contactless experience.

3. Does Kroger Starbucks Take Kroger Gift Cards?

If you’re a regular Kroger shopper and a Starbucks enthusiast, you might wonder if you can use your Kroger gift cards to purchase Starbucks items. The answer is usually yes. Many Kroger Starbucks locations accept Kroger gift cards as a method of payment. However, verifying the specific Kroger Starbucks you plan to visit is advisable, as policies can vary.

4. How Many Kroger Stores Are There in the USA?

The cutoff date is September 2021. Kroger, one of the largest grocery retailers in the United States, operates thousands of stores nationwide. However, the exact number of stores may have changed since then, and it’s recommended to check Kroger’s official website or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information on the number of stores and locations.

5. The Partnership Between Starbucks and Kroger

Starbucks’ presence within Kroger stores results from a strategic partnership between the two companies. This partnership aims to give customers easy access to Starbucks beverages and food while they shop for groceries. The collaboration has resulted in a win-win situation for both Starbucks and Kroger, attracting more customers to Kroger stores and offering added convenience to Starbucks enthusiasts.

DayKroger Starbucks Hours
Monday6 am – 8 pm
Tuesday6 am – 8 pm
Wednesday6 am – 8 pm
Thursday6 am – 8 pm
Friday6 am – 8 pm
Saturday6 am – 8 pm
Sunday6 am – 8 pm
Kroger Starbucks Hours

6. Unique Menu Offerings

Kroger Starbucks locations often offer a unique menu that caters to the diverse preferences of shoppers. In addition to the classic Starbucks menu, you may find special drinks or snacks exclusive to Kroger Starbucks locations. Be sure to ask the baristas about any unique offerings during your visit.

7. Store Locator and Operating Hours

To make your Starbucks experience inside Kroger stores even more convenient, you can use the Starbucks store locator on their website or app to find the nearest Kroger Starbucks location. Additionally, check the operating hours, as they may vary depending on the specific Kroger store’s hours of operation.


In conclusion, Starbucks inside Kroger stores offers shoppers a unique and convenient coffee experience. While you may encounter some differences in the acceptance of Starbucks stars and Kroger gift cards, the use of the Starbucks app and the availability of unique menu items make it a delightful coffee stop.

Remember that the policies may vary from location to location, so it’s always a good idea to ask the baristas at Kroger Starbucks for the most current information. Whether picking up your daily brew or trying something new, the partnership between Starbucks and Kroger makes it easier to enjoy your favorite coffee while you shop.

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